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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The iPods Makeover

Apple made some big announcements this week about the ipod. All of the original iPods have been replaced with the iPod photo(color screen) for the same price of the original iPod (the U2 special edition iPod is now also in color).Apple also cut the price of the 1gig iPod shuffle from $150 to $129.Rumors of a 2gig and 4gig iPod shuffle as well as an 8gig iPod mini have also been going around. iTunes 4.9 was also released which has the infamous podcasting feature. I highly suggest for everybody to get an iPod if they don’t already have one as well as get into podcasting.This independent media era that we are going through is historical and I highly suggest that you contribute to it.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Canadian copyright law update - you can stop it!

While this has been circulating around the Internet for some time now, many people do not have details on the new Canadian copyright Bill, or information on how to stop it. The Canadian government has finally introduced and tabled what is known as Bill C-60. For those of you that may be unfamiliar with Bill C-60, it has been compared to the infamous DMCA in the United States, but perhaps with other "fair use" issues, and other implications to P2P technology. For example, previously in Canada, if you owned a CD (owned being the keyword), it was not illegal to copy the music from that CD to another medium, even if that CD has some sort of copy protection scheme. The governments of the past understood that you have paid for that content, and that upgrades in technology should not prevent you from using what you have paid for ... unfortunately the Canadian government today has lost that vision.

Bill C-60 is not yet law. An organization is submitting a petition to Parliament on behalf of Canadians who are opposed to this backwards step in technological advancement.

A brief summary of how Bill C-60 will affect Canadians can be foudn at:

Information on the petition, including instructions on how to join it, and Bill C-60 can be found at

--Opus X
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Friday, June 24, 2005

Firefox 1.0.5 Test Builds

Firefox 1.0.5 test builds are now available to download:
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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Apple+Intel=Mac & Windows ????

Perhaps the biggest buzz going around in the computer world now is Apples decision to ditch IBM and go with Intel. Intel, the chip of the PC world is now a chip of the Mac world. This transition has brought up many questions such as "Can I run Mac OS X on a PC?" and "Can I run Windows on a Mac?". Many believe that it is possible, some have already made claims that they did it. Pics of a Dell laptop running Mac OS X(video available here) were released on the internet recently as well as a pics of a Mac running Windows. None of these pics can be confirmed yet but it brings to question "Will I see the Mac OS sitting on the shelf with a sticker on it that says now available to PC users and vise versa for Windows?" Only time can tell...
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

IpodderXP out at Gnomedex

IpodderXP will be out and on display at Gnomedex! There will also be a public beta! This is a great for all of us Windows Lackies!!!

---More to come
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Life Bytes Promo played on Daily Source Code!!!

Thanks to Adam Curry from Daily Source Code for playing my promo for "My Life Bytes"!!!

You can listen to "My Life Bytes" via The Feed or The Website! If you like what you hear, vote for me on The Alley or The Pickle!!!
UAB Tech Guy
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Apple - QuickTime - Download - QuickTime 7 for Windows Public Preview

QuickTime 7, the latest version of the world's most advanced digital media technology. Download the public preview to get a first look at the exciting new features in QuickTime 7 for Windows.

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Systm Release 2

Episode 2 of SYSTM is going to come out some time this week!

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Blogging Becomes A Corporate Job; Digital 'Handshake'?

In its short lifespan, blogging has largely been a freewheeling exercise in online self-expression. Now it is also becoming a corporate job.

A small but growing number of businesses are hiring people to write blogs, otherwise known as Web logs, or frequently updated online journals. Companies are looking for candidates who can write in a conversational style about timely topics that would appeal to customers, clients and potential recruits.

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Revision3 (Systm/thebroken) Announces CEO

Jay Adelson will be joining Revision3 Studios (our Systm/thebroken holding company) as Chairman and CEO. Jay is founder and Chief Technology Officer of Equinix, Inc. (nasdaq: EQIX). Equinix is the leading global provider of network-neutral data centers and Internet exchange services for enterprises, content companies, systems integrators and network services providers.

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